Thursday, February 9, 2017

January (Monthly Reflection)

Did I managed to work on any from the list of my resolutions?

1) Help mum in kitchen more often.(once a week)

I haven't started doing that but at least I did help mum during CNY with the dishes and also when I went back to gramps. Thats something that I feel content that I make time to do it. 

2) Have a book on recipe that I have tried cooking. 

No book yet so far. As I haven't really put my hands into cooking. 

3) Learn up Malay/ Iban

Learnt Iban like for almost 2 weeks and then later did not continue until after CNY. I'm still procastinating. I should get back to reading Bup Kudus. 

4) Read up Finance Book & Learn to manage finance well.

Yet to read the book on finance yet.

5) Do all the classes by MBTS this year.

Classes havent started yet, it will start next week ( Feb 18th 2017)

6) Set time priorities only for Sunday School, ibridge camp and then mission trip 2017.

I heard that ibridge will be during raya time, so I will not be able to go for ibridge camp this year or help them. The mission trip will be in the month of Oct 18th- 22nd. So need to start working on my Iban language and Malay language. 

Yes I did manage to set priorities for Sunday School this year. I will be chairing songs for the Sunday School this year. 

7) Sports every week twice. (try not to spend on sports, jogging or badminton can take care of finance)

I only manage to do 1 time for January and that was only awhile as we woke up late. 

8) Make time for family, Albert Khor and family; and God (monthly quiet retreat with God). (once a week chitchat)

I didn't manage to chit chat with Albert on the phone at least once a week for the allocated time to listen and to pray together, I didn't manage to make time to retreat with God as well. Maybe I should start waking up early in the morning to do it with God. (feeling sorry about it).

9) Write articles every 2 days. (improve on writing)

No, i did not get to write 2 articles everyday, it has been busy in the shop, at home and in church. I need to really sit down and make time to write.

10) Complete at least Old Testament this year! (hello it is already year 2017!)

I will be changing this resolution to following and keeping up to date with the bible app that I have on the phone. I'm in day 34 of the bible app for 365 days.  

I'm thankful that God has bring me this far. I'm doing well lately after an episode of gloominess due to my body. 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, rushing into Dr. appointments, clinics and writtings. I'm thankful I'm feeling so much better now. Thanks for my bf for his support during this gloominess and being strong for me. He is really my hero in this matter. =) Financially supporting me as well. Thanks dear.  

Living Only for Him and Only He knows my life

Saturday, December 31, 2016

So did it manage to do what I wanted to do in Year 2016?

The end of Year 2016, this was what I wrote in the beginning of this year. Before I embark to write down my goals for next year, maybe I should look through what I have done and completed this year.

Goals for 2016

1) Get to know boyfriend's family better and understand them.

I managed to meet them more often this year than last year, celebrated Christmas with them for the 1st time, I'm glad to be able to feel accepted as a friend and part of their lives. Although I still have much to learn about them, I have a lifetime. ( I hope I can be teachable). I feel that sometimes I try very hard to come out with a topic to talk about, but I guess as I get to know them better, I will not feel too obliged. 

2) To help mum in the kitchen more often. (example: CNY) - steal recipes as well.

I did help in the kitchen during CNY but after that I didn't managed to do it. (shame on me), maybe I should look at my goals every month to review and evaluate what I have done. 

3) Cook a whole meal at least once a month. (i hope)

This item, I did not do for the whole year! I managed only to cook soup, chicken and vegetables.  ( that is considered whole meal for me this year) at least I play around with the ingredients in the wok and the pot.

4) To make a difference in 1 or 2 people this year.

I can't recall if I made any difference to anyone this year. I hope I did, I do not have any particular of people that I feel I have made a difference. At least I know, I did not try to help a lot. 

5) To learn up Malay Language.

hahahahah this is funny, many years overdue for this, should I actually give this up?

6) To manage finance and read up the finance book.

I did not complete reading the book! I should make this as my year 2017 goal then, and then return it back to Aunty Kimpin, since it belongs to Aunty Kimlee. 

7) try to learn more and practice counselling God willing.

I did managed to practice counselling among some of my friends (p & c) though. 

8) to be sporty. (badminton or jog)

Heys I managed to complete my 25km jog/walk, ginger bread virtual run in December 2016. Clap hands for myself. Maybe I should proceed this so that I can continue to take care of my mental health and health through it. 

Goals for 2017

1) Help mum in kitchen more often.(once a week)
2) Have a book on recipe that I have tried cooking. 
3) Learn up Malay/ Iban
4) Read up Finance Book & Learn to manage finance well.
5) Do all the classes by MBTS this year.
6) Set time priorities only for Sunday School, ibridge camp and then mission trip 2017.
7) Sports every week twice. (try not to spend on sports, jogging or badminton can take care of finance)
8) Make time for family, Albert Khor and family; and God (monthly quiet retreat with God). (once a week chitchat)
9) Write articles every 2 days. (improve on writing)
10) Complete at least Old Testament this year! (hello it is already year 2017!)

Excited for year 2017 to unfold itself. I'm thankful for all the sadness, pain, happiness, learning experience that God have given to me in year 2016. May I learn to be more mature each day and be more in order in life. Leave everything to my Father in Heaven. 

Living Only for Him and Only He knows my life

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Retreat in Kota Tinggi Johor.

I have been very involve in my article writtings and also blogging lately in my commercial blog. I haven't have much chance to reflect and rest. I'm thankful that our Sis2Sis commitee did managed to go for a short get together and learn to communicate with God through silence.

Although the place is not as what I expected it to be. It was rather run down and not nicely mantained. Who knows maybe God wants us to just focus on communicating with him and not rely on any other activities.

I felt encouraged with this two words God gave during the night reflection and silence. 1) do not be a afraid and 2) be comforted.As it has been a few incident that cost me worries recently. The very recent one is the people that I work with in the writing place. There were some misunderstandings. There are many other pressures in life as well. But after I read the book "Being Truely Human by Mark Mah", it helped me think through and also know that sometimes I needed to just silent down and slow down my life, get close to God and walk through the desert, to see my real voice in all the important things.

Being in the desert can help someone to be his or herself. I do not need to think about how others view me about how I carry myself or how I decide on things. Also need not let things consume my life. Know what is the center of my life. I need God to be the center.  

Recently, I also realized that I came into a reading spree instead of a writting spree. I'm thankful that I get to make time to read a lot more than other times. I'm excited that I will be going for the BBW (Big Bad Wolf) Sales this year. May go get some stocks or maybe just for personal reading. Need to do a lot of budgetting for books, since I'm going to read a lot soon.

I also plan to do news readings from CNN or Star paper to keep updated with day to day news and also global news. Japan was hit by another earthquake today, Tom and Tara were the 1st ones who told me this morning about it. I hope everyone is alright now after the incident.

Living Only for Him and Only He knows my life

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

28th Aug 2016 throwback =)

I felt very much encouraged on the 28th Aug 2016, everything run well although there are a few hiccups but I trusted God and then boom everything just fell into place; I cram my time to meet up with a few people in 1 day, and managed to do so with God's help.

Why do I feel blessed?

1) I get to meet my childhood friend Esther @ HIS church where she was actually Xinzi's churcmate, cellgroup mate ( Desiree's school mate and sunday school mate) and she has relocated to Singapore last week. It has been awhile since we catch up, I'm so surprised to meet her family too, I was there only to meet a former college mate of mine. I'm thankful that I learn about loving my country and the people, loving people that I dislike and spitefully use me. - i need to grow to be Anak Bangsa Malaysia, sometimes I do fail.

2) I ended late in HIS church because end up chatting a lot, so I rushed to Publika, thank God the jam wasn't bad and I got a good parking place and the rest of my friends find it difficult to get parking.

3) Met with Joanne from GroupBuy group. In a Resturant above MPH bookshop.

4)  I get to help my aunt Molly to pass some gifts to her friend Joanne as my parents has just came back from UK then.-  in front of MPH bookshop. ( did you see the links)? how God miraculously made my plans fall into place?

5) Riana was playing her pokemon Go and reached me without realizing that I was in MPH. It was my 1st time meeting up with Riana from Generasi Gemilang. So content that day to be able to meet up with this sister, I felt very encouraged to be able to soon serve Generasi Gemilang. 2 weeks from now, I will be going to help in ex8rate (volunteering in MS.Word, at the same time learning how to help next time). I really am thankful that in Generasi Gemilang I'm going to be able to practice my Malay Language...wheeee.... i'm so very excited..=)

I need to continue to persevere and don't give up serving. I'm sure God will take good care of me as long as I make myself available to Him.


Living Only for Him and Only He knows my life

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

Just want to make time to blog to wrap up my April journey. I guess in April I get to meet up and catch up with 2 friends one on one. It is quite a encouraging thing to meet up. Managed to complete 5 subjects for assignment but still waiting for 2 results. The other 3, I have passed it with quite good results. For me, I'm content enough to be able to get those, all glory to the Lord. Seems like I have yet to be given a chance to really practice it.

I really need to go for basic skills soon. I pray and wished I will be able to take it next year. Since I do not have any basic skills from Marsha. I'm not allowed to take any advance skilled class. So now I'm allowed one and a half month off from studies. I plan to complete a few things, crochet table cloth, send the emboidery work to Nirah to sew a pillow case, and do some reading. Make more time for Albert's family as well. from 2 months of assignments. (but will complete studies later)

 I'm looking forward for tomorrow, I'm stepping into the month of May. Already made dates with friends and also boyfie. I hope I'm able to catch up with a few more others to encourage them in their life journeys.

My friend's mum and granpa will be baptised tomorrow (1st May). She is not a christian yet, I asked her to join us for baptism service but she told me that she already have plans. I'm so happy that her mum and granpa is part of our kingdom and church. It will be a good opportunity for me to reach my friend.

There will be our 1st anniversary for sis2sis tonight, fingers crossed... I will be able to cook properly so that no one will go into the toilet after having the meal. wakakakakak. I'm a newbie in cooking.  I must so learn more skills in cooking.. =)

Living Only for Him and Only He knows my life

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heart check

Read this topic on today's our daily bread. I felt that if i'm going to fail after a spiritual heart check, that my heart is not fully towards heavenwards or towards God. My heart is now only on my relationship, my finance, my security, my phone games (yes comes pretty addictive at sometimes), and many other things that are instead of my Father in heaven. I know that this is scary but this seems like, I am not so into doing things in God's will. I need to so pray that God will give Grace that I my heart will be for heavenwards and not for my own selfish desires or worrying about my own life.

As I should trust that God will provide whatever that He feels I need. I would be more content that way, if I just stop worrying too much. Luke 12:22-34. My human nature overpower me each time I feel like things didn't go the way I wanted or feel. Sometimes hopeless is the feeling I have, I should instead, cling unto God's promises rather than on my own negative understanding of life.

These verses reminded me about my childhood favourite christian group. A song especially for this verse.

Where your treasure is by Steve Green

Then I listened to it today again, my heart was lifted. I hope my heart will be reminded where to be at in my walk with my maker and father in heaven.

Living Only for Him and Only He knows my life

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happy 1st anniversary my Love (in another 2 days)

We started our relationship over the phone on the 12th April 2015. A day that had changed both our statuses to available into attached. Since we have been one year being attached to one another, we had been trained to work as a team instead of thinking as an individual.

Yesterday, Albert brought me for a Pet Expo, it was my 1st time there, the Expo will only be on for 3 days.  I must so remember to accompany him to his favourite mall, the Amcrop Mall. I'm sure I will love it there. Anyway after walking around Pet Expo and looking at tags for my cat's in which I was just window shopping for them, seems like I can't find the perfect one within my budget.

 We met up with Jimmy and Louanna, our ibridge camp friends, that had made time to meet up for us. Had Sushi King with them for lunch, had a chat with them and managed to meet their dog Oreo. I also managed to see from a far, a former friend who left in speed, I'm not sure if they left not knowing I'm there or just didn't want to meet me. Anyway, let me put it that they didn't know I'm there. So that I will not habour in any negative feelings. It seems like the human me, felt a little bit disappointing. But let it be a bygone.

I certainly enjoyed walking around in Pet Expo with my dear. Having to see that even our pets are allowed to try on the food before we purchased them. To see if the Pet really love the food. They even sell trolley for pets. I felt that, the pet expo is for people to pamper their pets with expensive goods that are luxury and not needs. There are so many varieties of stuff, more common for dogs. I manage to see those cats that are in competition. Many Spinx and other breeds as well. All pedigree, in different breeds, shapes, ages and sizes. Love those huge cats. I saw many of Shalom's family there (same colour) lolz. Got some freebies and free magazines as well. Good enough for a RM5 ticket. Albert also did a questionnaire and get a freebie for shalom, fina and sweetie. I may bring Shalom along for the next Pet Expo, God willing if Shalom will not be too travel unhappy.

We went for Cafe Cafe, for dinner to celebrate our 1st anniversary of courtship. I love the food but the serving is a bit too huge for my eating, and the food is a bit too pricey for me. For a nice date like this, I'm thankful that Albert had taken the initiative to bring me for a good four course meal. I take comfort in the food and also the ambiance. It was like candle light dinner, but the difference is that there are many others in the Cafe. We got to witness one proposal just a few tables away. Such a beautiful sight. Let me thought about how mine will be like? up to my dear to be creative. ( muahahahah) I just wait and see. This is why being a girl is blessed. XD We sealed our night out with a kiss. Knowing that we will love each other for the longest time. I'm thankful to God that He has brought us so far, although we had disobeyed many occasions but still He was there kept caring and taking care of us. Thank You Father God.

I will post the pictures in later as the pictures are still either in Albert's phone or in my phone. A little difficult for me to post in now.

Living Only for Him and Only He knows my life